Interesting Links

Slavery Links:
National Geographic's Underground RailroadThis is an interactive simulation of the Underground Railroad. You have to make decisions as if you were an actual slave running away.

PBS's Slavery and the Making of America
This link is awesome if you want to read and learn about slavery. You can choose a specific topic and it will take you to that topic. I highly recommend this sight for getting accurate information about slavery.

PBS's Slavery and the Making of America Online Resources This website shows you multiple different websites you can go to if you need specific website.

PBS's Africans in America On this website you will get to hear narratives and see primary sources from a specifc time period of which you choose.

Library of Congress Slavery Resource Guide If you go to this website you will find a large amount of images and videos about slavery.

Yale Law School Documents on Slavery On this website you can choose certain slave documents you would like to see. There is a document on almost every big event during the slave period. We highly recommend this website!

The African American: A Journey from Slavery to Freedom This website gives you an overview of slavery in general. It does not go into detail of everything, but if you need general information, go here!

A Slave Ship Speaks: The Shipwreck of The Henrietta Marie This website will give you specifc information about the Henrietta Marie.

The Henrietta Marie @ National Geographic Just like the website above this, it will give you specifc information about the Henrietta Marie. This website does not give you as much detail as the other one.

Spirituals and the Music of Slavery:
Sweet Chariot: The Story of the SpiritualThis website will give you everything you need to know about music and spirituals the slaves sung. It tells you all about the different spirituals they used for specific occasions. On this website you can also listen to spirituals.